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Kaavi's Diary

o'hana of kalani

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I am 49, divoraced, 3 years now, replaced him with a chihuahua....

I Live on the Edge of America.Here I find peace and poetry in the outdoors.In the small quiet things of life. I have a rare lung disease called D.I.P. Desquamative interstitial pneumonitis. I have taken treatment for 10 years now, and long term survival was 5 years...ITS a life time thing.Took chemo, interferon and steriods, stopped the chemo lately,,,tired of it.Will probably have to take it again..we shall see.

I believe in standing for what we believe in.
I believe in Honor,integrity and courage. I love sarcasm , too much at times....and I beleive the Eagle is a messenger, and menehune do exist.

I like walking in silence with tall trees in the rain...and dreams that travel rainbows. For I believe that when we take time to honor the simple things in life we never lack for encouragement.
For at the time we may not know it, but, we are surrounded by limitless hope just wearing everyday clothes.

I beleive in Magick.....

Trust in yourself believe in your dreams for in them lies the power to unlock miracles........aloha oe , nui loa.....