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Aug. 16th, 2008


Hey New Babies, New friends and a new season of the soul....

New Baby Chihuahua's smaller than a bar of soap.

and they grow,

and they grow....

and they grow....

and they grow...

A new bond, a new friend a new season has begun, a new adventure in life has come....


Jul. 22nd, 2008



Eagle Wings......
Oh,to catch the winds of flight
And soar where eagles go,
To leave the woes of troubled souls
Behind me,far below,
I'd listen to the songs of birds,
And sail in endless flight,
Then chase the sun through shadowed paths
And play with stars at night.
The boundless heavens for my home,
The breeze to lift me high,
To rise above my mortal bonds,
And never have to die.
Knowing I had found the way ,
To trails where angels trod,
And when my wings can sail no more
I'll sail on up to God.......
........................on Eagles wings............kaavi

Jun. 24th, 2008


(no subject)

Just got over a pneomothorax had the chest tubes removed two days ago.....
me ke aloha pau ole a hui hoi

(no subject)

Home .....at last...Kaavi

May. 22nd, 2008


Almost Home

I can almost touch its shores....

have you heard about stone hedge....

Vandals damage Stonehenge
Two men use a screwdriver and hammer on the monument.

Apr. 27th, 2008


Moving On

Hoka hey..
Moving on , time stands still for no one, a beautiful sometimes grows old and and dim and sometimes is corrupted by mistrust and violence.

So, the time has come for moving on.....packed and headed out to a place of refuge and silence and reflection in another corner of the world....some where on the other edge of America....

me ke aloha pau ole a hui hoi......Kaavi

Have already begun the move to a new home...a new place to build with trees and sunshine and woods. Taking My faithful companions Buddy Boy Princess and the newest pup Jules.

Will probably take a couple weeks to reach my destintion completely....till then

nui loa Kaavi

Jan. 31st, 2008



well the crack heads are out again with guns a blazin lookin g for some street crime to turn .
and its easily discovered in the the doom of shadows,
but without Shadows there can be no light.......


Jan. 19th, 2008


it is done

hoka hey...
It is Done. I voted today , in the 1st primary I ever voted in . I think it was very important to vote today because we are electing leaders while we are still at war in Iraq. Pakistan has lost BHutto , I would really hate to see a nuclear Pakistan give way to a nuclear Al Quida. Believe it or not they want us and Israel demolished, so then their Iman may return to rule an Isalmic World.

Our economy is not fairing too well and International reputation is very low , I doubt its ever been lower.

So, on this rainy day I did pull myself out of bed and went to cast a ballet. Now we wait to see if our vote even matters.
It is a cold day , they say it may even snow here something it has not done sinve 1989 about a week after Hugo slammed us. When it snows here the city closes down. Maybe we are due for a rest.

Aloha to all in my native Oahu...from the snows of the deep south ,May God be with us..... be seein ya Kaavi

Jan. 18th, 2008


hoka hey

I have been watching the candidates on TV...Obama and Mccain and Clinton..
it seems we have a great race going on...Last Time I voted was in 2000 for Bush...
This time I am not sure I aman idependent and prefer neither party...I still think we need a kuhuna to run the show....and I do believe we are over do for a woman. At this point I am not sure who I will vote for...but being in SC we have out primary tommorrow.

Well wish us luck with the voting tommorrow , hmmm maybe McCain would be a good choice .

pondering Clinton or Obama???

Or hey who is our Kahuna today!
After serving in the military for many , many years I though it would be an easier choice.....see our colors do not run , yet is the US asking us to run mby leaving Iraq, or is it even our war to fight......

be seein ya Kaavi

Home sweet Home , Waipahu....

Dec. 29th, 2007


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all....in waipahu and oahu and all the kine!!

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